Newson Media | Eyjafjöl Aurora, facing west
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Photographic Prints

Eyjafjöl Aurora, facing west


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The shot is lined up. Super wide angle to fit in this enormous stack of volcanic rock jutting out from the flat ground where I stood, with the lights of the Aurora Borealis washing against it like a tide. I press the shutter. The Icelandic weather has beaten the weather sealing of my equipment, and there’s moisture where I can’t wipe it away. The image is unuseable.

Quickly, before this fleeting display ends, I switch lenses and take five shots in a panorama.

And relax.


My photographs tend not to fit standard photo sizes, so I choose to sell prints based on the length of the longest edge.


All prints come unframed with a 40mm white mount. Framing available on request, please get in touch.

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